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Guild renaming and site moving

by DirkVerbeek, 2874 days ago

Hey there guys,

It had come to our attention that our guild had gotten a bad reputation due to a specific person, wich led to people refusing to join us.

The council members decided instead of starting from scratch, to rename our guild and also give it a new home.

We are now using a Enjin guild page that is much more user friendly.

Our new guild page is located here :A Perfect Circle

You will need to apply to the guild to put yourself in it, also do not forget to add your characters.

And lastly, very well done by all on our last raid ! It was the morale boost we needed.

Keep it up!


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Alliance with Legion of Light

by DirkVerbeek, 2894 days ago

Hey guildies,

Since there are alot of days where we have too few members to make progression runs our guild has gone into a alliance with Legion of light.

What this means is that our members, and members of their guild will be abel to join raids from both guilds to fill up empty spots, assuming offcourse that this does not interfere with our planned ops and vice versa.

Check out and sign up on their site if you are interested so you can follow their raid schedule and sign up for raids.





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New way of raiding

by Alluc, 2901 days ago


In last news post Medevac left some directions for us to follow. I will now explain what "revise tactics", "get your gear in check" and "half-assed" mean :)

Our further raiding will be a bit different than what we did with Nom. Main difference is that Nom would constantly nag us about gear, tactics and attendance, but Medevac and me will not do that. This effort will now be required from YOU. How so? There are three things that you have to pay attention to.

First, fights in hard operations require memorizing and anticipation. Things like fight phases, spawning adds or game-changing effects happen on fixed schedule. If we want to succeed, we have to learn this schedule for every fight. This is easier than it sounds; for example, I'm sure you all know the Dread Guards fight in TFB, where we have to kill Heirad, Ciphas and Kel'sara. You must know what happens next and anticipate those events. Things like moving into better position, saving damage-increasing cooldowns or casting XS flyby must be done in anticipation of certain events. You must know the basic schedule of a fight, details will be announced by one of ops leaders on Mumble. For example, I might say "adds" just before dread guard soldiers spawn when we fight Kel'sara; but you must know by yourself what to do with those adds, and you have to be prepared: high on energy, high-damaging abilities off cooldown etc. This is really easier than it sounds; if you understand what each enemy and ability do exactly, you will have no trouble with being always prepared. To help with this, you can attend story mode operations, or watch videos of certain fights, youtube is full of them.

Second, raid is a group activity. Eight people take part in it; you are at least 1/8 responsible for our success... or failure. I can't imagine raiding without a desire to be better and better. You should strive to be the best member of the group. Having lowest damage, dying to stupid mistakes or missing important tactics will make you a liability to the team. You will be wasting 7 other peoples' time - you should want to avoid that, even without mine or Med's reprimands! To this end, there should be a friendly competition between all of us. As first step, if you are a DPS, check if your damage is on par with other guild members. Noone will kick or think badly of you if your damage is low but we will think badly of you if you don't want to improve! Do some parses according to Nom's instructions and post them in this thread.

Third, since it's a group activity, communication is ESSENTIAL. If you have ANY problem you can't immediately solve yourself, don't hestitate to tell us about it. Maybe you have lags, maybe you can't see a small add in the heat of battle, maybe your abilities are on cooldown when you need them, maybe you are sleepy and tired, maybe something is killing you and healers and tanks aren't doing anything about it - tell others about it, we might have some good advice for you, or we might work out a solution by switching roles a bit.

Don't worry if this all sounds too complicated or too hard. If for some reason you can't or don't want to do those things, your welcome to stay out of HM raids. You are not being forced to raid. It's better to let us know in advance than cause wipes and frustration in other party members. If time doesn't permit you to prepare for raids, we do understand that. However, if you have abundant time and want to roll with us, we expect nothing less of you than the three points above.

Take care and get ready for today's TFB HM :)



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by DirkVerbeek, 2908 days ago

All raids are cancelled untill further notice.

Once Tira'ka, Flaytiff & Xaori are back we will continue with HM operations.

Tanking of new members has been anything but satisfacory.

Feel free to run SM ops for comendations & if you need verpine gear as upgrade and do daily HM instances for comendations also.

In the meantime revise tactics for HM TFB and S&V, dps get your gear in check because our last try on Styrak failed due to lack of dps and these will be the first raids we will do until we have cleared them.

I'm not gonna let something be half arsed before we move on.


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New Patch, new raid!

by DirkVerbeek, 2910 days ago

With the new tiers of gear coming out, Verpine gear (lvl 168)can now be bought with Elite commendations. And with this new patch there are also 2 new raids. We still have to tackle the endbosses in TFB and S&V HM but I want you guys to already have a look at these raids and tactics :

Dread Fortress :

(will be updated once more information comes available)

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