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re: DPS Measuring

DPS Measuring

It is always good to say your guildie: "I have 2.5k dps!" And he says: "I have less =/" You feel happy after it, don't you? In this topic I'll describe you main ways to measure your dps. Besides the 'who's got bigger...' game DPS measure helps you to realize that your damage is low (if it really is) and makes you work on your rotations and gear. Thats why I also want all guildie dps to put links to their DPS (I'll explain here how to) in this topic so we all know who needs to work on his rotations and give him advices if he needs such. And yeah...I also open a competition - the man with highest dps in the guild gets MMG and 500 000 trophy. Details of this competition can be found here.

There are two main ways to measure your DPS. MoX (software is safe, using it quite often) and TorParse. First is offline meter, second is online. Both of them have offline/online versions but one has good offline, second has good online. MoX vers is for yourself, you learn your dps, you get the first impression, you start working on yourself. TorParse has very good statictics layout and a lot of people use that one only. But I prefer MoX if I play solo. I can use pop-ups and see how much damage I deal at the moment when I am doing that damage. I can see the percentage layout - how much damage each ability deals and use high ones more often or something like that. So the MoX has good interactive interface, TorParse is good for detailed out-of-game analysis, publishing your dps and bragging.

First, you must enter SWTOR, open 'Preferences-->Combat Logging-->Enable combat logging to file'
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Now you have combat logs (*.txt files) in your My Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs. May be something else on not Win7, but I am sure you find the directory.


Open it, it will check the updates, then you have to set the your combat logs directory from where it will take them out and meter. Next is very easy - press Start Now, turn on pop-ups, change their opacity if you like and go on. You have Damage Dealt pop-up and it gives you main info you need. Minus of MoX is that you can fully analize only last combat, rest don't have all information you might need. But all in all its good.


Go press 'Upload' choose .txt file to upload, set your correct timezone and upload. There are plenty of tables and it may be confusing at the first time. But if you spend time and read them all, you get them all and there is plenty of useful info. It is well-hidden by numbers, but it exists.

End of combat.

When you dps for 5 minutes (less than 5 minutes dps isn't really stable, but starting from 5 minutes and each next second dps meter is more precise) and want to exit it and start analyzing, you need to exit combat correct. You see, boss fights end with the end of the boss. Dummy doesn't die, but you still need to exit combat. If you don't attack him for 4-5 seconds (and no DoTs on), combat will be finished, but your dps will be lowered by 0.1k or so. Myself I don't like it, so I either cut the lines in .txt file where I am doing nothing for 5 seconds, type /stuck to exit combat by dying or, if I am using TorParse, set another time of the End of Combat to see the numbers like I was dpsing and then target died, not like I was dpsing and felt asleep.

Also, about Dummies. Use Operation Training Target MK-5 only, others have lower defenses and your damage on them will be higher than it really is.

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